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Look around your home. Chances are that most of it is furnished in nearly the same tone. If you’ve got plenty of brown furniture in your home, think of setting aside one piece to paint a bright color. This is a design project that is going to make you very happy!

Brightly painted furniture makes a great accent piece in a dining room, bedroom or even a main living space. Perhaps you have a piece that has an interesting shape like a breakfront or a baby dresser, but the finish has seen better days. Veneered furniture is particularly good for a project like this, as it is difficult to finish but easy to paint. With proper preparation and the right amount of imagination this piece, or any, can become the focal point of your room.

You’ll need a workspace for this project, like a garage or an empty room, where your piece can go undisturbed in between stages, and where you can put down drop clothes to allow for any drips or dust while you are working. We won’t cover all the details here, but we will point you in the direction of chalk paint, which is a wonderful step into creativity with painting. Here you will discover incredible coverage of your furniture, amazing colors, all in a non-toxic water-based paint. You will have so much fun working in this medium that you will want to take on another project immediately.
The real fun will lie in creating your special project. Look around your home. Where do you need a focal point or an accent? Where have you been wishing for just a little more lightness or brightness? Here is where you will want to place your new piece. Now look for just the piece, a piece with some interesting edges or shapes, or perhaps some flat places where you can stencil some designs.

Create a Mood
What mood are you aiming for? Light colors can lighten your mood, and strong colors can make you happy. Write a list of colors you might try and ask yourself what mood they evoke for you. Think:
o Sunny Yellow
o Merry Green
o Vibrant Blue
o Fiery Red

Or whatever the colors speak to you. Remember one piece can arouse that feeling in the whole room. Choose your base color accordingly. You’ll want to complement the colors in the room you will have your piece.

Do flowers turn you on? How about the beach? Why not stencil or draw related things on the front of your solid colored dresser? Stripes or polka dots will give a whimsical mood to a piece. The sky’s the limit!

Children’s rooms
In a child’s room try looking for decals of their favorite theme characters and building them into the piece. You don’t have to use the whole decal. Cut it to fit the way you want it: peeking out of a drawer, or coming over the back of a dresser, even wrapping up onto a wall
Ready to start you piece? Consult your local paint supply house for all the right supplies. Set aside your space and prepare accordingly. You are ready to create your masterpiece!