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Any host is looking to wow their guests. During the holiday season, it is an ideal time to host the perfect party with no detail left undone. Here are some tips to help make your get together stand out and be the talk of your guests for weeks and months to come.

First impressions do mean alot. That being said, much thought should be put into the invitation. The color and theme should tie into the overall atmosphere of the event. There are many software kits to design and print invitations from a home computer. Online vendors, such as Vistaprint or Snapfish, often run unbeatable deals to purchase professional invitations for a wallet friendly price.

General Decor
Before decorating, a theme should have already been chosen to coincide with the invitation. Choose decorations that all match around that one theme. This includes: wall hangings, tablecloth, napkins, servingware, candles, and the like. Choosing a color theme rather than a print theme may be easier to coordinate. For example, having a theme that centers around the colors green and silver may be easier to find matching pieces than trying to find everything with the theme of Poinsettias on them.

Music is important. Choose a playlist ahead of time; pick one that will fit in the overall theme for the occasion. In addition, candlelight adds a lot to the overall ambience. Consider candles or candelabras in select locations to make the overall atmosphere warm and inviting.

If having a dinner party, a great centerpiece is essential. Plants or an arrangement around a tea light are great ideas. Be sure the centerpiece is not too tall; this can break visual contact between the guests and disrupt quality conversations.

Great Food and Great Drinks
Food and drinks can make or break an occasion. From the hor dourves to the dessert and everything in between, it is important to select the food with care and make sure it is prepared properly. This includes not being overcooked or undercooked. It also includes making sure the dishes are served either hot or cold and never lukewarm or room temperature. A good cocktail is also a great way to liven up the occasion.
http://mixthatdrink.com/the-12-cocktails-of-christmas/ has a great assortment of festive holiday cocktails that are simple to make but yet add an air of elegance. The Peppermint Stick is a fantastic holiday drink while the Red Hot Santa Tini adds a kick that is not for the faint of heart. In addition to the mixed drinks, a host or hostess should not forget the tradition bottles of wine and bottles of beer.
With both food and drink it is crucial to make the arrangement visibly appealing. The more attractive the food is the better it tastes to the vast majority of people. Consider having another person look over the tentative arrangement during the planning stages.

The Small Details
A lot of times, it is the small details that really make or break a party. Consider a can of holiday scented air freshener or a scented candle in a traditional holiday smell. Peppermint, pumpkin, gingerbread, and Christmas trees are four of the most popular scents available.
Ribbons add a nice touch almost anywhere. Consider using them on the walls or to accent the side of a table holding food or drinks. Satin or velour ribbons are a perfect decorative accent in sizes both large and small.
Decorations are good but edible decorations are just that much better. Choose small decorative chocolate pieces or similar that double as appetizers or desserts. Chocolate covered cherries or strawberries are very popular.

Hosting a perfect party does not have to be a daunting task. Choose a theme then make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished. Set a timeline and schedule for yourself to ensure that everything looks put together properly and is done in a timely manner.