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Home decor is a way to make our spaces warm and inviting, as well as unique enough to express our own personal tastes and style. Everyone knows the basics of decor, from choosing wall paint to accessorizing with fun and whimsical accessories. However, there is one great, unexplored terrain in most homes–the ceiling. This “fifth wall” offers a blank slate of possibility, and is an ideal spot to stretch those design muscles to create something engaging, stylish and one of a kind. This blog will hopefully fill you with some great modern ceiling design ideas that will work amazing in your home.


Paint is an obvious choice when looking to redesign a ceiling, and for good reason. Freshening up a ceiling with a new paint color is cheap, quick and efficient, and shouldn’t take longer than an afternoon. It is also the perfect gateway project for design novices. A major trend in ceiling design is to choose a pale shade of a color already found in the room you are designing, creating a soft, layered effect. Light blue is also a perfect option, mimicking the sky. Or, go for a creamy eggshell to give just a slight alternative to the traditional white ceiling.


Wallpaper is like paint on steroids–you get a nice flat surface covering but the possibilities for pattern are endless. Applying wallpaper to a ceiling is much like applying it to walls, except you luck out in that you will typically only need to cover a much smaller surface space. This is also a good option when you fall in love with a wallpaper pattern, but don’t want to commit to it enough to cover an entire room’s walls with the stuff. Choose from modern designs, florals, or the uber trendy damask style.


Tiling a ceiling just might be one of the hottest design trends of the moment, and it is easy to see why. Adding thin, large tiles to a ceiling gives it instant glam and elegance, bringing allusions to Parisian salons. Tin tiles are a great bet, as they are easy and lightweight to install, and come in a number of patterns, shapes and colors. White tin tiles give a pretty cottage look, while a metal finish like bronze or copper will look exceptionally chic. The tiles can be laid in neat rows, or placed at a diagonal for a more unique pattern.


We’ve all seen trim used beautifully on walls to make picture squares, and at the edge of the ceiling for a beautiful crown molding. But trim can also be used on ceilings to give a similar look. Install trim molding on the ceiling a few inches from where the wall meets the ceiling, creating a frame of sorts along the entire top of a room. This adds extra interest and immediately draws the eye upward, making the room feel bigger and more spacious. This style can be adapted a number of ways, and you can use double or even triple layers of molding along the ceiling, choosing varying thickness of trim pieces.


And don’t overlook the beauty of a simple stencil motif. The wonder of stencils is that they are made in a plethora of different patterns, so there is literally something to suit all tastes. And when applied in a consistent pattern, a painted on stencil motif can actually look just like wallpaper, but at a fraction of the cost. Use flat paint to apply a stencil, or go for something with shimmer, like a metallic silver color. A large shaped stencil will go on faster, while a smaller stencil pattern will take more time and patience to apply. You can paint this over the already existing color on your ceiling to boot.