Commercial Interior Design Scottsdale Arizona



Our Process

All of our commercial design projects begin with an initial consultation. In this phase of the process, the designer will get an opportunity to actively listen and gather information about the stylistic preferences, specifications, and functional considerations of the commercial design project. Ideally, the initial consultation occurs at the site where the improvements will be made.


Following the consultation, the designer will begin to assemble a collection of products and features for the design based upon the preferences communicated and the unique needs of the commercial project. As communication is essential in all phases of the design project, the designer will maintain regular contact with the client’s specified representative to collect more information about specific aspects of the project, and by doing so ensure that the design is best suited to all of the client’s requirements. During the selection process, the designer may communicate various options, which address different styles, scopes, and financial considerations.


After the selection process has concluded, the designer will contact the client’s specified representative to schedule a design presentation. As with all phases of the design project, the presentation is approached with flexibility, and alterations to the design and a revisiting of the selection process are still possible. If necessary, follow up communication or a second presentation meeting may be scheduled to finalize the design.


Finalization and Contract:
Once the design is reviewed, finalized, and approved, a contract will be presented. Terms of payment are unique to each client, based on the scope and needs of the individual project. An estimated schedule for phases of installation and completion of the project will be provided. This schedule is subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances, or any requested changes to the project prior to the completion.


Upon the signing of the contract, design materials will be ordered, and the design project will be “on the clock,” so to speak. Materials selected may be available locally with immediate availability, or may be custom ordered and produced specially, resulting in longer lead times. Larger commercial projects may encounter unique scheduling considerations due to the scope of the project and the quantities of product to be acquired. During this process, the designer will keep in continual contact with the client’s specified representative to provide updates on the status of the project.


Construction and Installation:
As materials begin to arrive and become available, the designer will contact the client’s representative to begin scheduling work on the project. Careful consideration is given to scheduling, with the goal of keeping disruption of business operations at a minimum. During the construction phase, various unforeseen circumstances may come into play, which may increase or decrease original estimates for project cost or completion timeframes. Larger commercial projects may encounter unique scheduling considerations related to the amount of labor to be performed. As with all phases of the design process, the designer will maintain regular communication with the client’s representative to discuss progress and address any additional decisions that may need to be made.


Completion and Walkthrough:
At the completion of the project, the designer will perform a walkthrough with the client’s representative, and the client will have the opportunity to address any concerns or request final changes. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project and the priorities of the particular client, the number of items to be addressed may vary, but rest assured that “punch-list items” are a normal part of the design process. All issues will be addressed in a timely fashion, and a final walkthrough will be performed to ensure that the project is completed to the client’s full satisfaction.


Final Payment:
If the commercial design contract held a portion of the agreed fee in reserve to be paid upon project completion, the final payment will be requested only after completion of the final walkthrough.