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Jul 1

7 Ways to Showcase Your Family

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Jul 1

If you’ve got a big family, there is a good chance that you have a lot of photos, mementos, and other important items that you want to display in your home…but you just don’t know HOW!

Is there a balanced number of photos of all children? Grandchildren? You don’t want anyone to think you play favorites…even though we know you do. Don’t worry…we won’t tell!

Do you display that wickedly awesome photo from high school? You know…the one with the hair and the glasses? It doesn’t matter when you were born, everyone has THAT photo!

We recently helped a family in San Diego and they were not lacking in personal family photos. The hardest part was deciding which ones to choose. We were able to create balance with the different sized frames, highlighting key milestones of their growing family. We chose to keep the photos in their original frames, adding texture and diversity to the display. The credenza beneath the photos allows for ease when updating with more recent images.

Need help showcasing your favorite moments? Here are seven ways you can feature your family:

1.  Make use of all those Instagram photos! What’s nice about these is that they are all the same size and that can help when creating a pattern. Don’t just leave these moments online, bring them to the real world and enjoy them!


2.  Go big or go home…well, you’re already at home, so enjoy it! WE love this example of a classic family photo. It’s a great way to connect younger generations with other ones, especially if they aren’t around anymore.


3.  Enlarging photos onto canvas is a growing trend that helps bring a new medium into the mix. If the photos are high resolution, you will be able to see your loved ones in a whole new light, up close and loving life.


4.  Accent your high-traffic areas with images and quotations. Whether you color block the frames and mattes or go more free form, you can’t go wrong with this traditional approach.

5.  Frames? We don’t need frames! Hit the local craft store, grab some wood plaques, some paint, and some lacquer and go to town! This is a really easy way to showcase and preserve your images.


6.  Display your family tree ON a tree! This is a great way to bring additional color to a room, as well as create a family history lesson for you kids. You can cluster family members or scatter moments all across the branches.

familyWallTree img

7.  Make it interactive! If you favor country décor, then utilize some refurbished shutters as an interchangeable picture frame. This allows visitors to take a closer look at your memories. Plus, it’s an easy way to rotate in newer images if you are a shutter bug!


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